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Meet the Owners

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kyle Wilson is an invaluable member of Canada’s climbing community. Kyle has dabbled in all aspects of the climbing industry from route setting and instruction, to construction and management; but it was the construction side of rock climbing that ignited the spark for Kyle. In 2010, Kyle founded Rockwerx Canada, the country's leading climbing wall manufacturer. With an expanding product portfolio, in-house manufacturing expertise and meticulous craftsman-quality, the company has evolved and grown, and is now known as IMPACT Climbing. With countless climbing and adventure projects under IMPACT's belt, Kyle used the best practice approach to build his own dream facility.

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In 2015, Kyle and his wife Erin, founded Aspire Climbing. With a shared passion for bringing climbing to the masses, they built an exceptional team that shares in their core values. It's the teamwork, dedication, and customer experience that makes Aspire Climbing a truly special place. "At the heart of it all, we're a team of quirky individuals who love what we do."

Aspire Climbing - All About the People
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"One thing has remained consistent throughout our journey: it's all about the people, 100% of the time."
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