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Franchise Fees & Total Investment

Initial Franchise Fee

You must pay us an initial franchise fee of $49,000 for the right to open a single unit Aspire Climbing Franchise under a Franchise Agreement. You will pay us the franchise fee in a lump sum when you sign your Franchise Agreement for your Aspire Climbing Franchise.

Total Investment Estimate

The total investment necessary to begin operation of an Aspire Climbing locations is $825,000 to $1,450,000.The Franchise Disclosure Document details a range of the total investment required which is based on a host of factors from the location size to the renovations required for the property.

Royalty Fees & Other Fees

Royalty Fees

The royalty fee for an Aspire Climbing franchise payable on a graduated scale:


FIRST 6 MONTHS: 0% for the first 6 months after opening your facility.


NEXT 6 MONTHS: 5% for the next 6 months.


YEAR 1 FORWARD: 6% following the first year after opening and thereafter for the balance of the term, based on Gross Revenues of the preceding calendar month.


“Gross Revenues” includes all revenue from your operations. Gross Sales do not include bona fide refunds paid to customers, sales or use taxes actually paid to governmental authorities or the retail price of any coupons, gift certificates and vouchers when they are redeemed. Royalty Fees are payable by automatic debit, and funds must be made available in your account for withdrawal.

Marketing Fund Contribution

1% of Gross Revenues of the preceding calendar month.

Marketing Fees
Local Advertising

1% of Gross Revenues. Payable directly to your local advertising vendors. Any advertising that you propose to use must first be approved by us.

Renewal Fees

$10,000 plus applicable taxes and legal fees and disbursements incurred by using connection with the renewal.

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